Friday, January 27, 2012

Abandoned Blog :(

Hey Guys!
       I feel so bad about abandoning my blog! I will try to do a post atleast once a week, sound good? Let me know some good ideas on what to post on my blog! I will try really hard to post more! <3
       I am so excited because my bday is on Sunday! Yipeee! :) Gonna be turning 12! I don't know why but I'm not too overjoyed about it, I mean... 10 is an awesome age to turn cause its your first double digits, so is 13 because you are officially a teenager! And you know, 12 is kind of just stuck in the middle, don't ya think? I'm still happy for my birthday though!
       You know what sucks? I was sick from school this whole week except for today (Friday)! It was really annoying laying in bed all week doing nothing!! And if I touched the computer I would turn it off right away because even on the lowest brightness setting it was way to bright and my head ache would increase! But on the bright side, I went back to school and received 0 homework from my teacher, he's (not gonna lie) super cool and nice!
       Zomghhkp, I had an awesome dream last night!! Okay, well I had 2, but one of them just wouldn't make sense unless you knew everyone in the dream personally but let me tell you this short one! So, my mom had told me to bring my Hermione wand when we went out to dinner and I was really confused but of course I didn't refuse! I had a few ideas of what it might be, like one of my friends who loved harry potter coming to visit or something like that, but no it was BETTER! So, we had walked into the restaurant... it was kind-of like a food court with a salad bar, soup bar, bakery, pasta, ice cream, sweets, fruits, and drinks! (actually a local restaurant I know) So anyways, after we had dished up our salad we walked up to pay and our cashier lady person was Emma Watson! And zomg did I freak out! I slid my tray down, hopped over the thing and gave her a huge hug, I was too shocked for words. Then the dream ended because I woke up hoping I would be standing right there, but as always.. nuh-uh! :( :P! I would assume that after that she would eat dinner with us and she would become my older sister <3. Okay Rhiana.. don't go tooooo far! Lawl :)
       Have any of you watched the movie Cyberbully? If not, you really should. I wouldn't recommend it for younger kids as it is extremely intense. The movie makes me cry everytime I watch it. I burst into tears at this one part, I won't spoil it for you guys though! Some people can be so mean and rude online and they don't even realize it, its so heartbreaking. And many youtubers experience this too. Although, this movie def goes to the extreme! Such an amazing story <3.

      Alright Lovelies! It's getting late and I really should go to bed, I just thought I would catch up with my most favoritest people in the world for just a sec <3 Love you guys to Pluto and back!!! <3

 (and don't forget... All You Need is Pink and Sparkles!!!)

Rhiana... pinkandsparkles101

Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Blog!

Hey Girlies!
      I just started a YouTube blog! On here I will be posting upcoming and exciting things with youtube and little messages! I will be putting swatches and fun beauty pictures I saw that I loved and even information on my latest videos! Though I would just say Hi and Merry Xmas Eve and Happy Hanukkah andddd Happy Holidays for whatever you celebrate! I will do a what I got for xmas and hannukah video plus I am uploading a cooking video today! So stay tuned and I hope you have a wonderful day loves! :)